Damien Fate
FATEdesign - Digital 3D Product Designer
For over a decade I have produced digital clothing and accessories for use by avatars in an online social virtual world, Second Life, under various highly regarded brands. Neve, coldLogic, FATE, and more.
ILLclan Animation Studios - Digital Artist and Animator
Creating digital experiences, products, and animation assets for use in virtual platforms and television. Projects included Nintendo Mii (E3),  Cinemax, Linden Lab, Tiny Nation, and more.
Circ.us - Digital Artist and Graphic Design
Creating digital experiences, products and animations for use in virtual platforms and iOS devices. Projects included work for: HBO, Ben & Jerry's, Capri Sun, Crystal Light, Lowes, Michaels, Red Bull, StreetFighter, and more.
The Electric Sheep Company - Digital 3D Product Designer
Creating digital experiences, products, and animation assets for use in virtual platforms and television.  Projects inlcluded work for: Cinemax, IBM, Greenpeace, CSI: New York, Role Models, and more.
Gannett - Promotional Graphic Designer
Newsquest LTD is the UK branch of Gannett, a global newspaper company. My role as promotional graphic designer was to produce artwork for ad campaigns, identity, and branding. Creating items from t-shirts to toys to promote their newspapers and other niche products. During my tenure I received 3 national awards for ad campaigns that I had conceptualised and produced.
Rivers Run Red - The avalon. Project
During the early stages of avalon. I would create fun digital products and intuitive packaging, as well as promotional artwork used in advertising through the virtual world and real life locations. Design projects included: Cellphones, vehicles, footwear, fashion, architecture, sales displays, and lifestyle items.
Collaboration with Oculus designer Lee McCormack
Working with Lee in re-creating the oculus into an inner-virtual reality module. The project gained much interest and was eventually bought by McLaren Applied Technologies.
Collaboration with Mrs Jones
Working with Fee Doran's fashion design concepts to develop them into digital fashion for use on virtual avatars.
Program Knowledge
Autodesk Maya
Marvelous Designer
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere Pro